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We Represent A Top UK Campus Which Is Located In UAE

Students are provided with the opportunity to pursue a degree awarded by the University of Stirling – UK, on UAE ground. Reputed across the globe for excellence in teaching and research, the University of Stirling offers students a high quality academic experience designed in accordance with industrial need. A fully equipped faculty dedicated to helping the students realise their full potential. This academic body is conveniently located in the Ras Al Khaimah City and daily transport to and from the Emirates is made available by way of university buses. Opt for an affordable study abroad experience that gives you an internationally recognized qualification from a reputed university.

Top Tips for Studying in the UAE

  1. Most of the nationals speak fluent English, however as Arabic is the country’s national language, it will help you to settle down better if it’s learnt sometime during your stay.
  2. Expect scorching days and freezing nights. Pack wisely for your first few weeks of settling in to avoid going about your day in discomfort.
  3. The standard of living may be quite high. You may not be permitted to work on a student visa, however should you get an internship offer and obtain a work permit after completing your studies, you can do so.
  4. Scholarships may be given by the UAE government for certain undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  5. UAE is generally considered a safe place to live due to its low levels of violence. As the country is deep-rooted in Muslim culture, one should best abide by all Islamic customs and traditions including dressing modestly and refraining from indecent and raucous public behavior.

“We are committed to enrolling a community of learners and thinkers whose education will be enhanced by diverse experiences in preparation to serve in all segments of society.”

Mr. Loho | Chairman

The University of Stirling

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