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We Represent 11 Top UK Universities

A few of which are University of Essex, University of Roehampton, University of Bedfordshire and Liverpool John Moores University. UK Universities are renowned for their prestige and quality education, a dual combination which furthers career prospects and ensures you learn from the best of the best. A melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, the study-state of some of the most distinguished leaders in the world and an all-round fulfilling experience to pursue secondary passions; choosing the United Kingdom as your home away from home for the next three years or so sets you in for a rewarding study abroad experience.

Top Tips for Studying in the UK

  1. Do your homework. Research the finer details, on everything from monthly living cost and accommodation options to modes of travel and part-time employment opportunities.
  2. Make the necessary prior arrangements well in advance. Have your choice of accommodation booked, transport to and from the airport sorted, country-specific communication facilities or someone to guide you around and sufficient monetary means for getting by on the first few days, just until you get settled in.
  3. Manage your budget. Work towards allocating a weekly budget for living expenses and sticking to the allocated budget by staying informed of product and service rates in your study city. Keep an additional monetary budget as a fail-safe.
  4. Obtain your Student Visa and needed IELTS qualification, which should be an average result of 6 for a degree (5.5 across all bands) or an average of 6.5 for a Masters (6 across all bands).
  5. Obtain your preferred choice of health insurance for your time in the UK.

“We are committed to enrolling a community of learners and thinkers whose education will be enhanced by diverse experiences in preparation to serve in all segments of society.”

Mr. Loho | Chairman

University of East London

University of Essex

University of Worcester

University of Bedfordshire

University of Roehampton

University of South Wales

Liverpool John Moores University

University of Derby

University of the West of England, Bristol

University of Cumbria

University for the Creative Arts

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