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We Represent 4 Top Canadian Universities

From the iconic Dalhousie University to the University of Fraser Valley and Canadore College. An international education in Canada sets you in for the complete study experience; courses are delivered with an equal emphasis on theory and practical, on research and experimental activities, designed to instil independence, creativity and forward thinking in you. Academic life in Canada, in comparison with the US, UK or Australia, is more affordable for international students and leads to countless employment opportunities, be it part-time or post-study. Coupled with being renowned as a peaceful and preferred destination in terms of livability and quality of life, the country additionally marks itself as a multi-cultural state, exposing you to people and customs from around the world.

Top Tips for Studying in the Canada

  1. Pack smart, keeping in mind that Canada goes through four seasons
  2. Have your accommodation sorted well in advance; the search for the right rental maybe quite time-consuming and slots may have already filled up if the semester is about to start.
  3. Manage your time. Plan ahead, make a timetable for academic deadlines and assignments and balance it with university life. Step out of university, having mastered the art of multi-tasking and time-management skills, which will look great on your resume.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Canada is known for its open and friendly atmosphere; obtain guidance from locals and learn your way around the country.
  5. Balance part-time employment with your academic and personal life. You can opt to use vacation periods to put in more hours and build up funds while discovering all of what Canada has to offer on your time off, with a greater budget. Paid-internships additionally promise coveted work experience with financial incentive.

“We are committed to enrolling a community of learners and thinkers whose education will be enhanced by diverse experiences in preparation to serve in all segments of society.”

Mr. Loho | Chairman

Dalhousie University

Canadore College

Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

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