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Marked as a leading academic body, the HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute paves the way for a global Management career in the hospitality industry. Students are provided with a high quality education, in line with the needs of the international hotel and tourism industry and are moulded into pioneering, well-rounded professionals. At the Institute, students are guaranteed thriving careers in the field, with representatives from leading hotel companies making regular campus visits to recruit suitable candidates. Choosing the HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute as your study home sets you in for a rewarding academic and industrial experience.

Top Tips for Studying in Switzerland

  1. Start planning to study in Switzerland well in advance. Should you be from a non-EU country, begin the visa application process three months prior to the admission date.
  2. Expect high living costs. To cover these, you may work part-time for up to 15 hours during the week when the academic term is in session and full-time during vacations. Part-time work can only be taken up after you’ve lived in the country for 6 months.
  3. As the country is bordered by Germany, France and Italy, the locals and citizens may be fluent in a number of national languages. Should your university be based in an area where the locals mostly speak a certain national language, best learn it as well to make life in that area easier. Knowledge of foreign languages may additionally help with your career prospects.
  4. Prestigious and rewarding career opportunities await. Switzerland offers one of the highest average salaries in Europe and many distinguished companies are scattered across the country.
  5. Switzerland is marked as one of the safest countries in the world. Violent and little petty crimes are quite low here and so, as a foreign student, you can travel about with ease.

“We are committed to enrolling a community of learners and thinkers whose education will be enhanced by diverse experiences in preparation to serve in all segments of society.”

Mr. Loho | Chairman

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute

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