We, at Lohos Group, are dedicated to helping you take your first step towards a career of unbridled success. Our guidance sessions take you through hundreds of specialised course offerings, narrowing down the options to your perfect educational fit in line with budgetary requirements and career goals. Backed by 14 years of counselling expertise, we hold representation for 36 universities, colleges and institutes across 7 different countries.

Your study abroad experience customised to your needs and wants. Meet with us to explore the details; let’s talk about financial requirements, accommodation options and average country living costs. Occasional visits by the university officials themselves provide you with an opportunity to interact with the university directly and register on-site as well. Our consultancy sessions are offered completely free of charge and are exclusively designed to help you see your career and educational aspirations through to reality.

Application Assistance

Mapping out the basics.

With certain course offerings requiring prerequisites, such as specific grades in Ordinary and/or Advanced Level Examinations for lower level qualifications or a Certificate, Foundation or Diploma for higher level, we help you choose a pathway which best fits your educational achievements and ensure a seamless, fast-track and efficient application to an academic body of your choice. We maintain a trusted and direct relationship with the university itself, facilitating enrollment needs and adhering to the listed timelines to get you settled at your new home well in time for student orientation.

Guidance on the VISA application process is an added bonus; from ensuring the needed documents and transcripts are obtained to advising on increasing your VISA approval opportunities. A VISA requirement across the board is a pass result in an English language proficiency examination, either IELTS or TOEFL; the pass result may vary from country to country.

“Studying abroad is expensive and one would want to be guided in the correct direction to choose a course that is most suitable for the student.”

Mr. Loho | Chairman

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