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Accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, the Brest Business School is a research and teaching institution established in 1962, which is committed to producing pioneering corporate and entrepreneurial figures in a global environment. Positioned as a thriving hub of cultural diversity and global exposure, the school strongholds ties with international entities and programs such as the ERASMUS scheme and the EAIE and has signed partnerships with 50 universities in 25+ countries, providing opportunities for student exchange programs and employment. Course offerings are designed in accordance with industrial and student needs and integrate economic, societal and tech practices, while emphasizing on creativity and entrepreneurship.

Top Tips for Studying in the France

  1. Sufficient and detailed language preparation is needed. With French being the native language, you should be a fluent speaker in order to interact with and communicate your daily needs and transactions in a foreign country.
  2. Track your expenses. List down the daily essentials and work around cutting down on certain items or services that are costly. By keeping a list of monthly monetary transactions, you will have a record of where your money went and can work on saving up with time.
  3. Learn to adapt to the French way of life, the customs of the people and the local traditions.
  4. Most product retailers and service providers close up on Sundays, leaving the town empty without its usual bustle. Optimise the tranquility to further your academic studies or to take a moment for yourself.
  5. Travel in France is quite cheap therefore do not confine yourself to one city but explore.

“We are committed to enrolling a community of learners and thinkers whose education will be enhanced by diverse experiences in preparation to serve in all segments of society.”

Mr. Loho | Chairman

Brest Business School

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